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A Call from your Intuition

Aktualisiert: 25. Mai

This year was all about intuition - and it still is!

We participated in a seminar in Croatia, led by Martin Zoller and Olaf Kägi, in order to strengthen and consciously use our intuition. Moreover, I am writing my master's thesis on "The Interplay between Intuition and Norms in Peace Mediation" for which I conducted interviews. Mostly these interviews disappear in the abyss of university archives, but I wanted to design one special interview to be accessible to everyone.

This interview examines what intution is, how it can be used for better decisions, intuition in other cultures and why intuition is particularly important in these "hurricane times." Thank you for your honesty, trust, and contribution to my research, Martin.

“In a situation where everything is falling apart, […] many people if they're not connected with their intuition can get lost. And if everything falls apart around yourself intuition can be a very helpful tool to stay on track.”

– Martin Zoller (07:34)

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